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Welcome to John's All Bags Manufacturers

We specialize in making different types of bags such as handbags, men’s bags, business bags, Sports bags, Medical bags, Tactical bags, Schools bags Travel, outdoor and backpacks. John’s All Bag Manufacturer also makes custom bags with logos, and related promotional products and do upholstery and motor trimming and silk screen printing on our production JOHN’S all Bags Manufacturers works with different types of materials such as leather, faux leather (PU), canvas, polyester, and nylon to name a few. And because we are the manufacturer, our pricing is very competitive.

Today, John’s all Bags Manufacturers is aiming higher than ever and looking to establish a wide and dense network of bag distributors and retailers. Having honed its skill in bag making to a level that far surpasses any of its contemporaries, we are confident that if any manufacturer can deliver the best bags to all in need of bags in bulk, then we are the destination to head to for all your specific business needs.

Once we have the product designs you want to manufacture, we will start the process by making a sample product. Once the sample is complete, we will ship it to you for your approval, and production will begin immediately after your approval has been received. Lead times vary depending on the product, but it usually takes between 4 to8 weeks to manufacture, depending on the complexity and quantity ordered.

Our Process

Send Design

The first step in our process is to email your design to john@johnsallbags.co.za

Make Sample

After you have received your estimate, the next step is to make a sample of your design.


After you have approved the sample, production will begin. Lead times vary depending on the product.


Once the product has been manufactured, we will send the completed products to you or you can come and collect.

Some Facts About Us

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